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My name is Martha and I am a single, retired woman from the Denver area who is a big fan of Rick Steves tours.  Since my first trip to France in 2012 I have been hooked!  I am in love with England and decided to take the Villages of Southern England tour in the fall of 2018.  


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Hello there!

The middle of October 2019 I left my quiet life in Colorado to find a connection to Italy.  I would spend a few days on my own in Padua and Milan but the majority of the journey would be on the Rick Steves Village Italy tour. 

I knew when I read the tour description that this would be a different tour than most.  There would be fewer and shorter bus rides, there was only one museum involved, and there would be more opportunity to hear about culture over of history.  As the tour progressed I would find that there were plenty of churches to visit(no surprise there, it was Italy after all!) and that, as a part of the culture, wine would be included with most of the group meals.  Well, for breakfast substitute the beloved Italian coffee!  

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This would be my 8th RS tour and while I had visited Venice, Florence, and Rome previously I was looking forward to getting to know the country of Italy and its people.  Truth be told, while I am glad I saw the important sites in the big cities, the crowds and urban areas did not draw me in.  I wanted to really get to know the smaller places and the delightful people of this country.    Oh, and then there were the great reports on the food, wine, and gelato.  While wine and food are good, I love gelato and looked forward to having it every day I was in Italy!

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If you are interested in the details of the trip or booking your own tour of Italy, click here for information.  

It was a great group!

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Mauro and Sarah were an awesome pair! 

Sarah was the main guide for our journey through Italy.  She is an American expat and has clearly made Italy not only her home but her passion.  She was previously a middle school teacher (and we all know how boisterous that age group can be!) but now leads RS tours.  Her background allows her to have an American take with an Italian flair!   She knew how to compare the two cultures and what would be interesting to us.  She speaks fluent Italian and would frequently give us simple language lessons.  The term we hear most from her was "va bene" which loosely translated means "all right."   

The dapper Mauro was our stellar driver.  He only spoke a few words of English but was always cheerful and would greet me with a big smile.  I never could say his name correctly, rolling the "r" was beyond my American tongue, but we would laugh every time I tried!  How he was able to maneuver that big bus down twisty roads and park it in traffic was also way above my skill level! 

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Our group, posing after making lunch in Tuscany

There were 22 extraordinary people on this journey together.   Seven couples, 7 single women(including a pair of friends traveling together), and 1 single man.   We were from all corners of the United States--from Hawaii to Texas to Connecticut and places in between.  Together we learned a great deal about the history and culture of Italy and had fun in the traveling.  There was not a single bad seed in the group.  

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